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    Ancient History (9-1) J198 2017+
    Ancient History J151, J051
    Art and Design (9-1) J170, J171, J172, J173, J174, J175, J176 (2016)
    Art and Design Suite J160, J161, J162, J163, J164, J165, J166, J167
    Biblical Hebrew J196
    Biology A (9-1) - Gateway Science Suite J247 (2016)
    Biology A - Twenty First Century Science Suite J243
    Biology B (9-1) - Twenty First Century Science Suite J257 (2016)
    Biology B - Gateway Science Suite J263
    Business (9-1) J204 (2017)
    Business and Communication Systems J230
    Business, Applied SingleDouble Award J213, J226
    Chemistry A (9-1) - Gateway Science Suite J248 (2016)
    Chemistry A - Twenty First Century Science Suite J244
    Chemistry B (9-1) - Twenty First Century Science Suite J258 (2016)
    Chemistry B - Gateway Science Suite J264 - Copy (2)
    Citizenship Studies (9-1) J270( 2016)
    Classical Civilisation (9-1) J199 (2017)
    Classical Civilisation J280, J080
    Classical Greek (9-1) J292 (2016)
    Classical Greek J291, J091
    Computer Science (9-1) J276 (2016)
    Design and Technology (9-1) J310 (2017)
    Design and Technology Electronics and Control Systems J301
    Design and Technology Graphics J303
    Design and Technology Industrial Technology J304
    Design and Technology Product Design J305, J045
    Design and Technology Resistant Materials J306
    Design and Technology Textiles Technology J307
    Drama (9-1) J316 (2016)
    Drama J315
    Dutch J733, J033, J133
    Economics (9-1) J205 (2017)
    Economics J320
    Engineering SingleDouble Award J322, J344
    English J350
    English Language (9-1) J351 (2015)
    English Language (Northern Ireland only) J345
    English Language J355
    English Literature (9-1) J352 (2015)
    English Literature J360
    Environmental and Land-Based Science J271
    Expressive Arts J367
    Food Preparation and Nutrition (9-1) J309 (2016)
    French J730, J030, J130
    Geography (short course) J085
    Geography A (Geographical Themes) (9-1) J383 (2016)
    Geography A J382
    Geography B (Geography for Enquiring Minds) (9-1) J384 (2016)
    Geography B J385
    German J731, J031, J131
    Gujarati J734, J034, J134
    Health and Social Care SingleDouble Award J406, J412
    History A (Explaining the Modern World) (9-1) J410 (2016)
    History A Schools History Project (2012) J415
    History A Schools History Project (2013) J415
    History B (Schools History Project) (9-1) J411 (2016)
    History B Modern World (2012) J417, J117
    History B Modern World (2013) J418
    Home Economics Child Development J441
    Home Economics Food and Nutrition J431
    Humanities J445
    ICT J461, J061
    Latin (9-1) J282 92016)
    Latin J281, J081
    Law J485
    Leisure and Tourism SingleDouble Award J444, J488
    Manufacturing SingleDouble Award J505, J510
    Mathematics (9-1) J560 (2015)
    Mathematics A J562
    Mathematics B J567
    Mathematics, Applications of (linked pair pilot) J925
    Mathematics, Methods in (linked pair pilot) J926
    Media Studies (9-1) J200 (2017)
    Media Studies J526
    Music (9-1) J536 (2016)
    Music J535
    Persian J735, J035, J135
    Physical Education (9-1) J587 (2016)
    Physical Education J586, J086
    Physics A (9-1) - Gateway Science Suite J249 (2016)
    Physics A - Twenty First Century Science Suite J245
    Physics B (9-1) - Twenty First Century Science Suite J259 (2016)
    Physics B - Gateway Science Suite J265
    Portuguese J736, J036, J136
    Psychology (9-1) J203 (2017)
    Psychology J611
    Religious Studies (9-1) J625, J125 (2016)
    Religious Studies A World Religion(s) J620, J120
    Religious Studies B Philosophy and Applied Ethics J621, J121
    Science A - Twenty First Century Science Suite J241
    Science A, Additional - Twenty First Century Science Suite J242
    Science A, Combined (9-1) - Gateway Science Suite J250 (2016)
    Science A, Further Additional - Twenty First Century Science Suite J246
    Science B - Gateway Science Suite J261
    Science B, Additional - Gateway Science Suite J262
    Science B, Combined (9-1) - Twenty First Century Science Suite J260 (2016)
    Science B, Further Additional - Gateway Science Suite J266
    Science, Additional Applied J251
    Sociology J696
    Spanish J732, J032, J132
    Turkish J737, J037, J137