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    Accounting H011, H411
    Ancient History H007, H407 (2017)
    Ancient History H042, H442
    Art and Design (applied) H013, H213, H413, H613
    Art and Design H200, H600 (2015)
    Art and Design Suite H160, H560
    Biblical Hebrew H017, H417
    Biology A H020, H420 (2015)
    Biology B (Advancing Biology) H022, H422 (2015)
    Business (applied) H026, H226, H426, H626
    Business H031, H431 (2015)
    Chemistry A H032, H432 (2015)
    Chemistry B (Salters) H033, H433 (2015)
    Classical Civilisation H008, H408 (2017)
    Classical Civilisation H041, H441
    Classical Greek H040, H440
    Classical Greek H044, H444 (2016)
    Classics (expires 2018) H038, H438
    Classics (expires 2019) H002, H402
    Computer Science H046, H446 (2015)
    Critical Thinking H052, H452
    Design and Technology H004, H005, H006, H404, H405, H406 (2017)
    Design and Technology Product Design H053, H453
    Drama and Theatre H059, H459 (2016)
    Dutch H193, H593
    Economics (2015) H060, H460
    Economics H060, H460 (2019)
    Electronics H065, H465
    English Language and Literature (EMC) H074, H474 (2015)
    English Language H070, H470 (2015)
    English Literature H071, H471
    English Literature H072, H472 (2015)
    Film Studies H010, H410
    Film Studies H067, H467
    French H075, H475
    General Studies H079, H479
    Geography H081, H481 (2016)
    Geography H083, H483
    Geology H014, H414 (2017)
    Geology H087, H487
    German H076, H476
    Government and Politics H095, H495
    Gujarati H194, H594
    Health and Social Care (applied) H103, H303, H503, H703
    History A H105, H505 (2015)
    History A H106, H506
    History B H108, H508
    Home Economics (Food, Nutrition and Health) H111, H511
    Human Biology H023, H423
    Humanities H113, H513
    ICT (applied) H115, H315, H515, H715
    ICT H117, H517
    Latin H039, H439
    Latin H043, H443 (2016)
    Law H015, H415 (2017)
    Law H134, H534
    Leisure Studies (applied) H128, H528
    Mathematics (MEI) 3895, 3896, 3897, 3898, 7895, 7896, 7897, 7898
    Mathematics 3890, 3891, 3892, 7890, 7891, 7892
    Mathematics A H230, H240 (2017)
    Mathematics A, Further H235, H245 (2017)
    Mathematics B (MEI) H630, H640 (2017)
    Mathematics B (MEI), Further H635, H645 (2017)
    Media Studies H009, H409 (2017)
    Media Studies H140, H540
    Music H142, H542
    Music H143, H543 (20116)
    Performance Studies H148, H548
    Performing Arts (applied) H146, H546
    Persian H195, H595
    Physical Education H154, H554
    Physical Education H155, H555 (2016)
    Physics A H156, H556 (2015)
    Physics A H158, H558
    Physics B (Advancing Physics) H157, H557 (2015)
    Physics B (Advancing Physics) H159, H559
    Portuguese H196, H596
    Psychology H167, H567 (2015)
    Psychology H168, H568
    Quantitative Methods (MEI - AS Level only) H133
    Religious Studies H172, H572
    Religious Studies H173, H573 (2016)
    Science (applied) H175, H375, H575, H775
    Science (AS only) H178
    Sociology H180, H580 (2015)
    Sociology H181, H581
    Spanish H077, H477
    Statistics (MEI - AS Level only) H132
    Travel and Tourism (applied) H189, H389, H589, H789
    Turkish H197, H597